Working with ;

We are all familiar with the saying "its not what you know its who you know".  Well I am very fortunate to know and work along side some very skilled people within the industry.

The list below are those people/companies we work along side or seek professional advice from:

  • Garden designers

I have been ​ fortunate enough to work with two very talented garden designers, Bean Nicholson and Roxana Fraser. Please visit their sites to appreciate their own individual approach to garden design.


  • SDG for large scale landscaping projects

         I have worked with Simon and his team on a number of large 

         projects including Olympic size horse arenas and mini golf 


         Andy and Angela have a wonderful nursery in Cheriton and I

         always try to pop in for a cup of tea when I'm in the area. They've

         built up a successful business based on their love of butterflies

         and plants which will attract pollinators into your garden. 

  • Avoncrop Amenity Products

         Avoncrop has been servicing the amenity sector since 1990.

         Darren Homer is my go to person for high quality products and

         advice on grass ​ seeds, fertilizers, wild flower mixes etc.